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What we do


'MedEdQuest is committed to bridging the healthcare gap in underserved in Costa Rica. We offer medical education opportunities specifically designed for aspiring medical students. Through our program, we aim to cultivate a cadre of healthcare professionals passionate about serving vulnerable populations. MedEdQuest strives to empower medical students, providing them with the skills and cultural competence needed to make a meaningful impact in addressing healthcare disparities and improving the quality of care for underserved populations in Costa Rica.'

Medical Director

Meaningful volunteer abroad opportunities with strong support of local in country coordinator and professional staff members 

MedEd Quest is committed to providing volunteers with important opportunities to participate to make positive results in the lives of those less fortunate

We love to give you chance to learn whilst gaining valuable feedback 

We are passionate about what we do. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to all volunteers

A few things you should know about us 

Through our compassionate team and community driven approach, we strive to ensure that everyone has access to basic healthcare services regardless of their circumstances.

Let’s work together and make a difference

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